Ten Things

You should know before you buy a mattress

Essential to our total well being, sleep helps us to feel healthier, think clearly and enjoy life more fully. Sleep is vital to our health and allows the body to heal and refresh. The consequence of poor sleep or lack of sleep can have severe daytime consequences. Tiredness, irritability and loss of memory are just a few of the devastating side effects. "Sleep debt" over time will lower the quality of life over time. And when you are waking up to little aches and pains which carry through the day, it is generally a good indicator that the body is not getting proper support that it needs throughout the night. So how long will a mattress last and when is it time to change? That depends on a few variables including quality and the frequency of use, the weight of the body at rest and on-going care can extend the life of a mattress. Be sure to rotate and turn your mattress if it is double sided. Do this every two weeks for the first six months is a good industry rule. After this period, every three or four months.

2.    Size
Every night you toss and turn more than 40 times. To do that comfortably - and without falling out - you need a bed that is big enough for you. To work out how big your mattress should be, just measure your height and add another 150mm. It's no secret that kids are growing taller these days, which is why the King Single and Double Mattress are such a popular choice. Either size represents long-term value during your teenager's growing years. For couples, we recommend a Queen or King Mattress. It is one thing to be able to snuggle together in bed, tut it is another thing entirely to have freedom of movement and personal space, no matter how much you love your partner!

3.     COMFORT
Soft or hard? It all comes down to choice. Some people get a great sleep on a hard mattress and others a soft but supportive mattress. It's important to remember that with any new mattress, you'll need to allow a few days to adapt to a new sleep surface. Whatever your comfort preference, Mattress-OZ can offer a mattress designed to meet your needs.

4.     SUPPORT
Having trouble staying comfortable during the night? Waking up with a backache? It's probably got a lot to do with the support structures - or lack of it - in your mattress.

How long will your mattress last? That depends on the quality of the construction and, of course, what sort of treatment you give it! It goes without saying that a top quality mattress will cost more due to the higher cost of manufacture. A prudent investment is one that gives you a good night's sleep because you've bought wisely. Getting quality sleep is good investment.

Shopping for the best value is where we all start, no matter how large or small our budget might be. Ensuring that we are not compromising on quality and comfort is just as important as a good price . A 'bargain', is no comfort if you can't sleep, no matter how cheap the mattress was! A good quality mattress is a good investment that will repay itself in the quality of your rest, it will also last for years. Always buy the best you can afford. At Mattress-OZ, we are proud to offer a full range of mattresses encompassing all budgets. Your mattress will ultimately reflect the quality of the construction and materials and the quality of the sleep you enjoy for years to come.

Mattresses today are very different from the days of 'Grandma's feather bed.' A mattress is a construction comprising coils, border rods, fabrics, fillings and stitching or buttons. Inner springs (coils) are held together with thinner wires. At their ends, they are attached to border rods that form the perimeter of the mattress. In conjunction with the wrapping fabric they contour the body shape providing even support a and minimizing pressure points. Edge support springs protect the side of the mattress and contribute to the quality of the sleeping surface of the bed. Mattress tops are upholstered and finished in a variety of ways, the most popular style currently being the quilted tops. The softness of the surface is achieved by the use of soft synthetic foam of varying thickness and quality.

At Mattress-OZ, we encourage mattress purchasers to replace their base at the same time they buy their mattress. There are some very clear reasons for this. Bases are usually designed to co-ordinate, both aesthetically and functionally, with the mattress it supports. New mattresses tend to be heavier than their predecessors due to increased internal components and an older base is unlikely to provide the support and resilience required.

We believe that our customers have every right to expect a good, long life from their mattress, so most mattresses have an extended warranty. The warranty is limited to workmanship defects, not wear and tear or loss of support through normal use. Remember, though, that these are the manufacturer's warranties and not ours as suppliers.

We are pretty sure that you will know within 7 days whether or not you are satisfied with your mattress. As we want to make sure that you have a good night's sleep. Mattress-OZ will give you 7 days to 'get to know' your mattress. For the first 7 days, keep the plastic wrapping on your mattress (you will not know it's there with your bedding on it). That way, if you are not satisfied with your mattress, we can refund the purchase price or exchange the mattress for another selection. Naturally, any price differential will have to be paid for or refunded. Please note that all shipping costs will have to be borne by the purchaser and any soiled or damaged mattress will void this money back guarantee.